Our logo_LOGO


Don Bosco and the Salesians walking with the young through the world.


The LOGO of the Salesians of Don Bosco is made up of two superimposed images : in the background a stylised ā€œSā€ (Salesians) in white is formed within a sphere like a globe marked to the right and left by two cuttings between the hills/dunes. The second image is in the centre of the globe bridging the ā€œSā€ road. This is an arrow pointing upwards resting on three perpendicular legs on top of which are three closed circles making a stylised image of three people: the first of these in the middle and taller than the others is the point of the arrow, and the other two beside it appear as it were to be embraced by the central figure . The three stylised figures with the arrow pointing upwards can also be viewed as a simple dwelling with a sloping roof (the arms) and with pillars holding it up (the bodies of the three people).