Dress is not about what is handy to wear as boys and girls but influential to wear as Bosconians. Hence, students are requested to wear set dress code. Every Student must wear a clean uniform daily.

For Classes – Nur to 10 Each student will have a uniform as follows:

  • White shirt, black trousers for boys.
    Black skirt for girls.
    Black shoes, black socks.
    Black sweater with white border.
    Black neck-tie with white strips.
    Girls will use white ribbon for hairdo.
    On Wednesdays: White trousers and School T shirt
    White skirt and School T shirt
    (Shawls/Jackets are not allowed in the school)

The school uniform is compulsory on all the class days and at school functions.
Each student must have a copy of the School Calendar and bring it to School daily. Losing the school calendar is a serious fault.

For Classes 11 & 12
  • BOYS: Black Trousers, White Shirt, Black Shoes and Black Socks, Black Blazer and Black Tie.
  • GIRLS: Black Skirt, White Shirt, Black Shoes and Black Socks, Black Blazer, Black Tie.
  • On Wednesdays: Black Trousers and School T Shirt; Black Skirt and School T Shirt.

(The School Uniform is compulsory on all working days)


  • Bleaching and colouring of hair is strictly prohibited for both boys and girls. Only black-dye may be used if and when circumstances demand.
  • Inappropriate short hair is strictly prohibited for girls.
  • Shaved haircut, bald cut (brush-cut over the ears) bald head-cut and growing long hair are strictly prohibited for boys.
  • Spiked hair dress and fancy hair styles of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • No students shall keep his/her hair in any manner which can make the hair look unusual or over stylish than the normal student look.
  • Applying of hair-gel of any kind (super hard, water gloss, wet look etc.) and over-oiling of hair is not allowed, while it should not be too dry either.
  • Tattoos of all kinds are strictly NOT allowed.

For Female students

  • Hair must be neat and clean. Shoulder length hair or longer than shoulder length should be tied up.
  • Only one ear-stud per ear is allowed and the ear studs for both ears must be of the same design.
  • Ear-studs must be of a simple design and not fanciful.
  • Dangling earrings are NOT allowed.
  • Only transparent ear sticks are allowed
  • Only transparent lips gels are allowed