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The school, in order to nurture the talents of its students and provide them with a platform at different levels, has formed various Clubs & Associations. These Clubs & Associations which are very active form a very essential component of the learning system for the all-round development of the students.

The students are assimilated into these Clubs & Associations of their interest after a selection procedure which varies from club to club. The entry is absolutely free. Those students who are talented and capable become the active member of these clubs & Associations.

In-charges of various Clubs & Association in our School

Exam Committee Student Mentoring Team External Evaluators Mentoring Team Cleanliness Mentoring Team Display Mentoring Team Sports Club Quiz Club
Bharat Prasad & Sukanta Biswas Richard Soibam & Mhasibeinuo Mere Diwakar Mishra & Shaji Paul R Daikho Daniel & Partha Chakrabarty Mhasileno Peseyie & Bharat Prasad R Daikho Daniel; Bharat Prasad; Sukanta Biswas & Shaji paul Prestila Ngullie; Sangeeta & N Rosy Kikon
Music Club Eco Club Arts Club & Red Cross NSS NCC Scouts & Guides Youth Parliament Peace Channel Jesus Youth
Sukanta Biswas; Kiyasenuo Cecilia Mere & Vibikhono Meyase Bharat Prasad & Gayatri Chetri Kreni Thohrii Benjamin; Hinoli Assumi & Charani Mary R Daikho Daniel & A Basuro Elizabeth Eliza Tungoe & Viketole Noho N Florence Suhu; N Rosy Kikon & Ruutsuno Talie Ato Rita Khaza;